In-service Structural Health Monitoring

The A|2|O Innovation Solutions ‘CHASM System’ provides on-board and fully active structural and condition health monitoring for predictive maintenance.

A|2|O Innovation Solutions is an innovator in on-board and fully active structural and condition health monitoring. The key application for this CHASM technology is the predictive maintenance and increased safety of high reliability and safety-critical systems such as: –

• Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’s)
• Renewable Energy Systems

The on-board CHASM system indicates and tracks structural failure before it becomes critical, reducing the need for the lengthy and costly preventative maintenance solutions that are currently used.

The system has been developed in collaboration with commercial adopters and a highly skilled and advanced scientific engineering network.

Composite Component Forming

A|2|O Innovation Solutions advanced composite forming technologies provide an Industry4.0 based solution for cost-effective high-throughput composite formed component manufacture.

A|2|O is an innovator in Composite Material technology and has developed key technologies to increase the adoption of composite materials for CO2 emissions reduction and light-weighting.

The combination of the resulting technologies, when aligned with Industry4.0, offers cost-effective high-throughput manufacture of medium to high-volume components.

This process has been simulated and has clearly demonstrated the key objectives that align to strategic industrial targets. A|2|O offers this composite forming technology to reduce component costs and improve production efficiency. The process can now be simulated for bespoke solutions to clearly show the benefits before implementation.