About us

Company Overview

A2O Innovation Solutions Ltd provides technologies for weight reduction, operational efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.

It does this with composite material manufacturing processes and material agnostic structural health monitoring with a system known as CHASM which is now being developed into a commercial product.

Advanced Composite materials are often used for weight reduction (Light-weighting).

A2O’s technologies are focussed on removing the barriers to the adoption of these materials by lowering component production costs and increasing manufacturing throughput.

In addition, to address concerns on component life, A2O’s CHASM product enables cost-effective predictive maintenance.

In the United Kingdom, the company led the CHASM Consortium (Continuous Health Autonomous Structural Monitoring) projects in collaboration with: –

  • Westfield Autonomous Vehicles Ltd.
  • The STFC Hartree Centre
  • Leicester University’s Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Centre
  • Liverpool University’s Virtual Engineering Centre
  • Global manufacturers

The results of these projects are now being taken to market.

A2O’s innovations are primarily targeted at transportation sectors and aimed at the medium- to high-volume application of composites.

A2O’s technologies extend into advanced materials, sensor technology, and manufacturing processes.

To date A2O has won funding under LCR4.0, IoTUK Boost, LCRIBS, EEN, NVN (InnovateUK, OLEV, CENEX) and UKRI STFC CERN BIC.

Post proof of concept, A2O’s technologies are gaining commercial traction and A2O is adopting CERN Technology into the CHASM product.

Why we do it

Carbon dioxide emissions are seen as a key contributor to global warming and need to be reduced.

Manufacturing and transportation are significant emitters of carbon dioxide.

Our aim is A2O is to develop technology that increases the efficiency of manufacturing processes, simplifies the adoption of lightweight solutions and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.