About us

Company Overview

A|2|O Innovation Solutions Ltd provides technologies for weight reduction, operational efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.

It does this with composite material manufacturing processes and material agnostic structural health monitoring with a system known as CHASM which is now being developed into a commercial product.

Advanced Composite materials are often used for weight reduction (Light-weighting).

A|2|O’s technologies are focussed on removing the barriers to the adoption of these materials by lowering component production costs and increasing manufacturing throughput.

In addition, to address concerns on component life, A|2|O’s CHASM product enables cost-effective predictive maintenance.

In the United Kingdom, the company led the CHASM Consortium (Continuous Health Autonomous Structural Monitoring) projects in collaboration with: –

  • Westfield Autonomous Vehicles Ltd.
  • The STFC Hartree Centre
  • Leicester University’s Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Centre
  • Liverpool University’s Virtual Engineering Centre
  • Global manufacturers

The results of these projects are now being taken to market.

A|2|O’s innovations are primarily targeted at transportation sectors and aimed at the medium- to high-volume application of composites.

A|2|O’s technologies extend into advanced materials, sensor technology, and manufacturing processes.

To date A|2|O has won funding under LCR4.0, IoTUK Boost, LCRIBS, EEN, NVN (InnovateUK, OLEV, CENEX) and UKRI STFC CERN BIC.

Post proof of concept, A|2|O’s technologies are gaining commercial traction and A|2|O is adopting CERN Technology into the CHASM product.

Why we do it

Carbon dioxide emissions are seen as a key contributor to global warming and need to be reduced.

Manufacturing and transportation are significant emitters of carbon dioxide.

Our aim is A|2|O is to develop technology that increases the efficiency of manufacturing processes, simplifies the adoption of lightweight solutions and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.